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Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co.,Ltd.
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Mianyang Prochema started from 2004 with high performance special films in Conductive Film, Insulation Film and Printing Film fields.With strong market knowledge and great sources Prochema expanded service to many professional applications. 2004--Mianyang Prochema started high performance insulation films including UL V0 Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film, PP film,PET film and polyimide film series. 2007--Our Hongkong company-Gus Industry (hongkong) Co., limited was set up for global marketing of coated film,including ITO PET transparent conductive film, texture hardcoated PET film,offset PP Synthetic Paper. 2008--Our Shenzhen factory was set up to produce our own branded coated films. 2016---Mianyang prochema was proudly elected as Vice Chairman of Mianyang Commerce Association, and organize an Exporter Alliance under local government supervision,to help association members' products market worldwide. 2020--Mianyang Prochema actively and non-profitly helped local government arrange and export Covid-19 epidemic products donations to many countries.
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  • Imported PFA raw material, Perfect quality ,warm and attentive service. Perfect quality and service keep old clients. During this novel coronavirus spreads year, China controlled all successfully ,companies can work as usally ,companies and supply goods and service for the companies and people in the world. With our goods, our old client from Thailand won the biddings again ,and ordered the goods from us again! We will do our best to produce out quite good PFA welding rod from them and delivery the goods to them in time ! Supporting them is supporiting us!
  • Good quality products always bring countinous orders Just about one hour after we informed our Taiwan Client that the products had finished reporting to Customs in the morning , their second order came soon this month . This is just the charm of good quality products. Just keep working hard and control the products quality ! Offering better quality and better service is our Consistent Purpose! WORK HARD, OUR ALL STAFFS !
  • To Dear Clients and Partners out of China: To celebrate ChINESE NEW YEAR, We decide to : 1. Shenzhen Factory Half time working from Jan 30-Feb 8, close Feb 8-21. 2. Mianyang office Close Feb 9-Feb 21 All deliveries may be a little delayed than before, and the freight cost is no sign to keep stable. We have made a certain of stock for films for any urgent delivery. Office people can be contacted at any time during holiday by emails or phone calls or wechat or whatsapp. For your convenience : 1. Conductive film inquiry/service, 2. Printing Film series, 3. Insulation PC,PP,PET film, 4. Fluorine products FEP,PFA,ETFE,ION EXCHANGE etc 5.Other products including display,touch solution and assistance to source within our commerce association members Thanks for your interest in our company and our service, wish a NON-VIRUS 2021 AND WHOLE WORLD SAFE! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co.,Ltd.
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  • Anti UV F150XE For Membrane Switch Printing
  • V150 Velvet Pet Printing Film
  • 10Ohm Ito Pet Film For Flexible Solar Cell
  • 150Opi Transparent Conductive Emi Shielding Film
  • Rfid 100Opi Copper Grid Pet Film
  • Rfid 85Opi Metal Mesh Film Without Adhesive
  • Rfid 85Opi Metal Mesh Film With Adhesive
  • 200Ohm Conductive Ito Pet Film For El Printing
  • 150um PP Synthetic Paper Tear Resistant
  • Anti Scratch 30Ohm Conductive Ito Film For Heating
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